Fairfax Hospital, A New Beginning Social Detoxification/Dual Diagnosis Facility
Fairfax, VA
Homer Gudelsky Inpatient Building, University of Maryland
Baltimore, MD
John Hopkin’s Hospital – Hopkin’s Lab Modernization Project
Baltimore, MD  — Cost estimating
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit, Prince George’s County Hospital
Prince George’s County, MD
NIH Laboratory B, New Facility
Fairfax County, VA
NIH Visitor and Vehicle New Facility
Bethesda, MD  –  Cost estimating
Pentagon Renovation, New Medical Clinic
Arlington County, VA
Saint Albans Hospital, New Facility
Radford, VA
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, New Facility
Washington, DC
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, West Campus
Washington, DC
St. Elizabeth’s Main Campus Electrical Feeder Upgrade
Washington, DC  –  Cost estimating
State Hospital for Children and Adolescents, DeJarnette Hospital Center
Staunton, VA
United States Pacific Medical IQC
Pacific Areas
Veterans Administration New Ambulatory Care Facility
Lyons, NJ
Veterans Administration Medical Center
Palm Beach, FL
Virginia Veterans Care Center
Cost estimating services
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Indefinite Quantity Contract
Washington, DC
Wing Addition, Greater Southeast Community Hospital
Washington, DC
Woodlawn New Child Care Facility, Social Security Administration
Woodlawn, MD